Screening Hearing Assessment.     15 mins.     No charge.

Offered as a free service to prevent high levels of undetected hearing loss existing in the local community. This a very quick and basic limited-frequency hearing assessment used discover if there is any hearing deficit present.  Should any hearing deficit be found, further testing will be recommended.  Copy of results provided.

Diagnostic Hearing Assessment (incl. WorkCover).     90 mins. 

Hearing health, tinnitus & noise exposure history, discussion about your needs and hearing concerns, full-frequency air and bone conduction audiogram, middle ear assessments, speech audiometry, treatment plan recommendations and, if applicable, hearing device demonstration.  Full report to your GP.   WorkCover paperwork to GP & Solicitor.

Pre-Employ Hearing Assessment.    45mins.

Hearing health & noise exposure history, hearing protection advice, full-frequency air and bone conduction audiogram. 

Results to relevant agency.

Hearing Device Fitting.     60 mins + up to 4 x 30 mins. 

Fitting of hearing devices, incl. verification and real-ear measurements.  Includes follow up program customised to individual needs/preference so you get the most out of your hearing devices.

Additional Service/Consultations.

Advise/counselling. Hearing Aid Adjustments/Service/Repair.