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Pension card holders, DVA card holders and some health care card holders are entitled to a Hearing Services Program Voucher, supplied through the Department of Health and Ageing's Hearing Services Program.  Please call us on 02 4210 9050 and we can check your eligibility and arrange a Voucher for you over the phone.  The HSP Voucher entitles you to some free and/or subsidised services and devices.

Entry Level.     FREE - HSP Voucher Holder. 

We have selected the devices from the Hearing Services Program's Free List Schedule of Devices for maximum features and functionality.  Devices in this level suit the individual who has mild hearing-lifestyle needs: Spends time mostly indoors, in a quiet environment, with one-on-one speech.

Bernafon Zerena 1

Starkey Livio AI 1000

Unitron Discover Next Stride 3


With extra features using a newer, faster chip and rechargeable options, this device range level suits the individual who has mild hearing-lifestyle needs, yet wants an up-to-date, affordable device that is more discreet and is easier to use.

Bernafon Viron 1

Starkey Livio AI 1200

Unitron Discover Next Moxi 3


With significant improvements in connectivity, automatics, noise control and speech enhancement features; intermediate level devices suit the individual with moderate hearing-lifestyle needs: small group social events, small cafe's, small meetings.

Bernafon Viron 5

Starkey Livio AI 1600

Unitron Discover Next Moxi 7


This is hearing, at your full potential.  These devices are the best of the best: feature packed and full of the most sophisticated hearing technologies on the market, offering improved hearing in even the most demanding listening situations such as crowded restaurants and large social events.

Bernafon Viron 9

Starkey Livio AI 2000

Unitron Discover Next Moxi 9


So much more than a hearing device: combining the latest in hearing device technology with artificial intelligence, this 'Healthable' hearing device uses double-tap AI technology to offer supreme hearing in any environment.

It also has:

- Brain and body tracking    - Heart rate measurements    - Fall detection and alerts    - Thrive virtual assistant    - Language translation   

- Voice to text transcription

Starkey Livio Edge AI

We have a range of other listening devices available in-clinic, such as personal FM listening systems, Sennheiser TV sets and accessories that connect with your hearing devices.  We also have a range of super power hearing devices available and are able to provide a quote on any other hearing device you are interested in.

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